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Every Course can be tailor-made based on the objective that each company wants to focus on. After selecting the Course, there are other personalization options. There are both “Course TYPE” personalizations and other general Group settings. All the possible personalizations for the “Course TYPE”
will appear on this page and the next. The “Group” options and the quantity discounts can be found on the following pages. You are now ready to configure your Course.


13 lessons. Prices from 35 to 45 €.
In this Course you will learn how to drive and take care of your car better in order to save money and protect the environment. An interesting course in the car world that will teach you to drive in a more eco-friendly way, while making your wallet happier at the same time.


14 lessons. Prices from 35 to 45 €.
Learn the correct techniques to control your car in all situations. Emergency braking, understeer, loss of grip on wet roads, driving in snow, skidding control...


14 lessons. Prices from 35 to 45 €.
This is a complete course that teaches you to tackle even the most extreme situations that can occur using the correct techniques. To become a true safe driving expert.


40 Questions. Symbolic price 0.01 €.
The FULL ASSESSMENT program gives an overall assessment of your current driving skills with 4 videos on the following topics: Driving Position, Defensive Guide, Eco Driving and Safe Driving. The average score for each topic is displayed, but not the scores from the individual answers.


4 lessons. Symbolic price from 0,01 to 2 €.
A small taste of the recommendations on Safe Driving, Defensive Driving and Eco Driving: 4 complete lessons that will make you think about the risks associated with driving and will stimulate you to learn more.


7 lessons.Price from 22 to 28 €.
A small taste of the recommendations on Safe Driving, Defensive Driving and Eco Driving: 4 complete lessons that will make you think about the risks associated with driving and will stimulate you to learn more about improving your knowledge and technical skills.


7 lessons.
Price from 22 to 28 €.
You liked Step 1. With this module you can learn other secrets about driving safely, to become a more knowledgeable driver.

You are purchasing the Course:


BOOK Version
Price: EUR 35.00

The Course is pre-configured with the default personalizations.
If you would like to change them, choose them from the list below.


The variables listed below are already included in the price. The default selections are the ones that we believe are the most appropriate. However, you can modify them if you’d like.

The Courses are available in various languages. Select your desired language. NB: For optimal use of the Course, the browser language should match the selected language.
Select your normal steering wheel position: Left-hand drive (i.e. USA, continental Europe, Latin America) or right-hand drive (i.e. UK, Australia, Japan, India).
The BOOK version has no questions about the lessons. In the STANDARD version, you can choose to take the VERIFICATION TEST either at the end of each lesson (one question per lesson), or at the end of the Course (all lesson questions given at one time). The PLUS version however only gives the questions after each lesson.
Choose YES if you want the system to generate a confirmation sound for each click. You can always disable the sound during the Course from the bootstrap menu.
If you choose YES, your average score and the classification of your driving style will be reported on your Certificate.
If you choose to enable this option, your final score will be included in the Hall of Fame, the general ranking of participants from every Course.
You have chosen some of the personalizations and you can now begin the Course with this configuration.


There are other possibilities to enrich the Course for your collaborators.
The screen below provides a few useful additions for the program you selected.

This is a Testing that evaluates your driving skills on a specific topic before you take the Course on this topic (i.e.: Safe Driving Assessment combined with the Safe Driving Course).
This Test can be combined with the FULL ASSESSMENT + COURSE or SPECIFIC ASSESSMENT + COURSE program. When the Course is completed, this Test repeats the same questions given on the Initial Assessment on the topic where the user was less prepared. The comparison of the results and your level of improvement will appear after the Test.
We have gathered the recommendations from the lessons of each course in a handy pdf booklet that can be either downloaded or printed. This can be a useful tool to help you remember the basic concepts that you learned. Always bring it with you!
If a Company wants all its users to surpass a certain score during the Course, this option can be enabled to allow the course to be repeated, with a minimum license fee, if the score is not sufficient.
The "Course TYPE" in now fully configured.


The Personalizations chosen up to this point have to do with the format of each INDIVIDUAL Course.
Companies can make other interesting "Group" choices which are related to the group of Courses for employees.
This will help all users not only improve their driving skills but feel more involved in a specific program created by the company for which they work.

The following options can be chosen directly online.

Every time a user rewatches the video of a lesson, a penalty of 0.1 points is automatically applied. Select NO to disable the penalty. If you want to change this value, choose the desired value from the list.
Scoring is from 1 to 10 (highest score). The minimum score to pass and receive a certificate is 6. This value can be changed by selecting the desired value from the list.
You can choose the Certificate layout based on the type of Course you want offer: if it is a training program for company personnel, select TRAINING. If the Course is for your customers and is therefore used as an incentive, select INCENTIVE.
You can personalize the layout of the Certificate with a colour company logo, which will be inserted in a predetermined position and resized to fit in the available space.
Your Corporate Course is now fully configured. Additional options that cannot be activated online are found on the next screen.


These additional options can only be configured after consulting with our staff. They are only recommended for companies that require large quantities.

The Corporate OPTIONS, which are to be NEGOTIATED, are:


This option allows users to take advantage of the course by taking 1 or more lessons at a predetermined time interval (i.e. 1 lesson per month/3 lessons per month, etc.).


A personalized home page with your company logo and/or a written message can be inserted before the login page.


After the login page, an audio message for the Course participants by a company manager can also be inserted.


After the login page, a video message for the Course participants by a company manager can also be inserted..


This option saves you 3 Euro: the introductory and final videos of the Course are shortened slightly, but the lessons remain unchanged.

These personalizations can vary greatly from one to the next. It’s therefore better to obtain some advice from the “Drive at Best” staff.
If you want to know more about these options please Contact us.

Personalisation is complete. By clicking on PURCHASE you can proceed to pay, either via card or via bank transfer.
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